Chicken Holiday's

Let your Chickens have their holiday in the beauty of the

Cotswolds whilst your away on yours!

Our hen vacation sites are located close to our farmhouse with added security of 24hr CCTV, no public access and away from other chickens.  Each site has a large amount of room around them to ensure your chickens are not stressed by others.  


  • Each site has an Omlet coop with a large 3m run with a waterproof cover which also doubles up to provide shelter from the wind and shade from the sun. Each run is highly fox resistant.


  • With Omlet being a leading manufacturer of chicken coops, you can expect each coop to be insulated, well ventilated, and made to a high standard ensuring your chickens are a home away from home.


  • Every site is moved to a new location before arrival, thus ensuring fresh grass for your chickens.


  • The coop, feeder and drinker are sterilised before each new arrival.


  • Each site can hold up to 4 chickens.


  • Your chickens will be fed adlib on Dodson and Horrell specialist layers pellets, which has been specifically designed to suit the demands of free range and outdoor laying birds, they have a higher protein content to give an extra boost to egg production.  A treat of mixed corn will be given in the afternoon and any seasonal vegetables which are available. Fresh water daily.


  • Eggs will be collected daily and will be kept to one side for you if requested.


  • All chickens will be inspected on arrival and check out to ensure happy and healthy birds.


  • Prices are £7 per day per site for up to 4 chickens, with a minimum charge of £28 per stay.


  • You can drop/collect your chickens at an arranged time, to be confirmed 7 days before arrival between the hours of 10am – 5pm



We endeavor to take care of your poultry to the highest standard of love and care; however we will not be held responsible for any theft, illness, predator attack or death whilst they are here. 

Any poultry not collected on time will be charged £10 per day for every day not collected, up to and including the 7th day, if by this time they have not been collected they will then become the property of Cockodoodles.

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