Chick Heat Plate for upto 55 Chicks

The chick heat plate for up to 55 chicks. 40cm x 60cm brooder on Fully Adjustable Legs makes this electric hen ideal for small cluthes.

We are proud to introduce the Comfort heating plate for chicks. especially the new height system for the legs makes this new heating plate very practical and time saving.

All the advantages of this new product:

Easy adjustment of height

Enhanced insulation (PU)

Higher plate termpreture than before.

Low energy costs.

Double security thanks to a temperature fuse and a resistance fuse.

LED indicator.

Why Choose a heating plate?

A heating plate is a substitute for Mother Nature, where the hen keeps the chicks warm under her feathers. It is very natural solution with a big advantage: the chicks will harden earlier and also the growth of their feathers will be quicker. Hereby the chicks will be healthier.

The lifetime of a heating plate is certainly 10 years and the chance of malfunctions is minimal.


The heating plate is made of plastic, mostly of ABS plastic. The material is very strong and lasting. The height of the legs can be easily adjusted by oushing the yellow clips marked by "PUSH". In the inner side of the heating plate, you will find the polyurethane insulation with a very hign insulating factor.

Very low energy costs:

The heating plate uses less energy than a heating lamp .

WP60 Chick Brooder/Heat Plate for upto 55 chicks