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R-com Pro Incubator, Brooder, Feeder and Drinker


Rcom 10 Pro Egg Incubator. Innovative design, easy to use, digital display, in built egg candler automatic turning, Egg tray supplied,  Rcom check thermometer supplied, turning disk supplied. 

Clean and transparent large view - window; Separation of electronic controller assembly allows convenient cleaning. Design incorporates principles to reduce germ reproduction such as minimizing interior mechanisms which reduces the opportunity for bacterial propogation. Variable air control lever which enables the interior air volume of the device to be altered.

Artificial intelligence based electronics with the state-of-the-art controlling technology designed by Rcom. Capacity of simultaneous egg hatching of about 10 standard size eggs.Rotational Heater Support which enables the easy adjustment of heater tension.

Pro features, select bird type, days, temp levels, turning stopping for hatch is automatic;  Automatic egg rotation, turn all eggs at once; Can change turn intervals 

Improved reliability based on the application of 3rd Generation Temperature-Humidity Sensor. 

LCD display push button controls for temperature, egg turning, bird selection, custom bird details.

Clamped structure which reduces the leakage of water drops inside the view-window (dew condensation) of the device. Clip-in, clip out separation of upper part (main controller) for convenient cleaning after incubation .

External water input hole and moisturising device for easy supply of water for humidity; Egg Tray design allows for different sized eggs and in built egg candler on the top of the incubator


Brooder for upto 20 Chicks

1 kg Feeder

1Kg Drinker


copy of R-COM10 PROStarter Kit