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Perfect summer holidays fun

Complete starter kit

  • Brinsea Mini II Advance Egg Incubator

    Brooder enclosure

    WP25 brooder for upto 20 chicks

    1Lt Drinker

    20 or 30cm Feeder (depending on availability)

    Easichick Bedding

    6 x  Fertile eggs (depending on availability, choices will be from Polish, Silkies, Aracaunas, Pekins and Belgians)

    The Mini II Advance for up to 7 hen or duck eggs is perfect for those new to egg incubation and/or whose busy lives mean they cannot guarantee they will be present to turn the eggs by hand every day. With purchase of an additional small egg disc (sold separately) it enables automatic turning of 12 pheasant or quail eggs. Water can be topped up externally which also makes humidity control easy. It has digital temperature display and internal and external temperature alarms. It alone among the Mini II range offers the count-down to date of hatch and autostop of turning 2 days prior to hatch which makes it ideal for children (under supervision) at home and at school. More experienced hobby breeders can also take advantage of the precise control of egg turning and the egg cooling function for specific breeds of wildfowl and waterfowl. The incorporation of Biomaster anti-microbial plastic into Brinsea machines means reduced risk of bacterial contamination. The machine is supplied with a disposable hatching mat offering optimal grip for baby chicks. The machine can be powered from a 12v car cigarette lighter type socket with a Brinsea adaptor (not included) which makes it a portable if required. Brinsea incubators are made in the UK, serviced and repaired in the UK and come with a 3 year warranty which is activated when they are registered on the Brinsea website. Temperature factory preset at 99.5 Fahrenheit (37.5 degree celsius) but fully adjustable.

    The Chick Heat Plate for up to 20 chicken chicks & only 15 watts.
    25cm x 25cm brooder on Fully Adjustable Legs make this electric hen ideal for small clutches.

    We are proud to introduce the Comfort heating platefor chicks. Especially the new height adjusting system for the legs makes this new heating plate very practical and time saving.

    All the advantages of this new product: Easy adjustment of height. Enhanced insulation (PU).Higher plate temperature as before.Low energy costs.Double security thanks to a temperature fuse and a resistance fuse.LED indicator.

    · Why choose for a heating plate?

    · A heatingplate is a substitute for Mother Nature, where the hen keeps the chicks warm under her feathers. It is a very natural solution with a big advantage: the chicks will harden earlier and also the growth of their feathers will be quicker.

    Hereby the chicks will be healthier. The life time of a heating plate is certainly 10 years and the chance of malfunctions is minimal.

    · Materials

    · The heating plate is made of plastic, mostly of ABS plastic. This material is very strong and lasting. The height of the legs can be easily adjusted by pushing the yellow clips marked by “PUSH”. In the inner side of the heatingplate you will find the polyurethane insulation with a very high insulating factor. On this part the heating is mounted.

    · Very low energy costs

    · A heating plate uses less energy than a heating lamp (only 15 watts)


    *express delivery not available.

    Please email with requested eggs to check availability