The Brinsea TLC-40 Advance is an intensive care unit for small animals and birds with an effective volume of 40 litres. Used worldwide by hedgehog rescues, animal rescue centres, zoos and veterinary centres, the TLC provides a warm, clean, quiet, safe and reliable temperature controlled environment for orphaned or injured animals or post-operative animals that are vulnerable and need to be kept warm. With a large transparent front opening, the cabinet offers easy access and excellent visibility of the patient. This provides an opportunity for familiarisation with the carer for domestic use. It is also easy to cover up this door in rescue centres for wild animals if familiarisation is not in the patient's interest. With hygiene a top priority, the TLC range has been carefully designed to make cleaning as easy as possible. The TLC cabinet incorporates Biomaster Antimicrobial Additives which are up to 99.99% effective against bacteria and microbes. It uses silver ion technology which is recognised as safe for animals and humans. The lower half of the cabinet and door is removable allowing them to be scrubbed and immersed. The upper parts can be easily wiped clean and the fan guard is detachable giving easy access to the fan. The TLC Advance model provides digital control & read-out of temperature and humidity. Other key features include temperature & power fail alarms and a switchable internal LED light to help with inspection and observation of the patient inside. The TLC-Advance can be supplemented with Brinsea's optional EX Humidity Pump to provide fully automatic humidity control. The TLC-40 Eco has the same capacity of 40 litres and although it has less features than the Advance models it is widely used by rescue centres as it is a cost-effective way of providing vital intensive care to vulnerable animals. Please note: For oxygen administration under veterinary supervision, a Brinsea Vetario TM 40 is recommended. Accurate and adjustable digital temperature control, temperature alarm and optional display in °C or °F Smooth, easy-to-clean interior with no vulnerable edges for animals to chew. Internal LED lighting with on/off switch.

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Brinsea TLC-40 ADVANCE IC unit / brooder

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