Galvanized poultry feeder with slanting lid, capacity 2.5 kg.


This poultry feeder is made of galvanized sheet metal


The product ideally should be placed against a wall or fence.


On the back of the poultry feeder you can find two holes that can be used to suspendor mount the feeder on the wall. 


This product is suitable for use with forage, but also for use with grit. 


The lid is hinged and can therefore be easily opened to replenish the forage.


The slanting lid avoids that the animals sit on it.


To prevent waste of forage the feeder is provided with a special grill of synthetic material.


This way the animals can't play with the forage either.


The low foraging level also contributes keeping the forage to a minimum



2.5kg Galvanised Feeder Can be Suspended

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