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What they need


Looking after chickens takes some time and effort. You will need enough space for a chicken coop or shed and adequate exercise space depending on the breed of chicken you choose to keep.


Chickens should be kept outdoors in a coop or shed. You can buy chicken coops from most farm suppliers, online, or you could build your own.


Your coop should have:

  • at least 1,100 square centimetres floor area for each bird

  • a perch for them to stand on while they sleep

  • an exercise space, or ‘run’

  • the nesting box should be filled with wood shavings for the hens to lay eggs


Chicken coops should be cleaned out every week

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10 Reasons to keep chickens


  1. Tasty Healthy Eggs - Your own fresh tasty organic eggs, available when you want them!

  2. Children - They love chickens and looking for the eggs

  3. Slow Food - Know what you eat and what your chickens have been fed

  4. Free bug control - Chickens eat bugs, ear wigs, spiders, slugs and whatever else crawls in your garden

  5. Weed control - Chickens love grass and other weeds sprouting up

  6. Low maintenance pets - Chickens are fun to watch and do not need to be walked

  7. Free fertilizer - Rich manure ready to turn your garden green and blossom

  8. Composting made easy - Chickens will eat your left over fruits, vegetables and table scraps

  9. Peace of Mind - You know your chickens will be raised humanely

  10. Beauty - Many chicken breeds are pretty and an asset to your garden

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