What they need


Looking after chickens takes some time and effort. You will need enough space for a chicken coop or shed and adequate exercise space depending on the breed of chicken you choose to keep.

Chickens should be kept outdoors in a coop or shed. You can buy chicken coops from most farm suppliers, online, or you could build your own.

Your coop should have:

  • at least 1,100 square centimetres floor area for each bird

  • a perch for them to stand on while they sleep

  • an exercise space, or ‘run’

  • the nesting box should be filled with wood shavings for the hens to lay eggs

Chicken coops should be cleaned out every week

10 Reasons to keep chickens


  1. Tasty Healthy Eggs - Your own fresh tasty organic eggs, available when you want them!

  2. Children - They love chickens and looking for the eggs

  3. Slow Food - Know what you eat and what your chickens have been fed

  4. Free bug control - Chickens eat bugs, ear wigs, spiders, slugs and whatever else crawls in your garden

  5. Weed control - Chickens love grass and other weeds sprouting up

  6. Low maintenance pets - Chickens are fun to watch and do not need to be walked

  7. Free fertilizer - Rich manure ready to turn your garden green and blossom

  8. Composting made easy - Chickens will eat your left over fruits, vegetables and table scraps

  9. Peace of Mind - You know your chickens will be raised humanely

  10. Beauty - Many chicken breeds are pretty and an asset to your garden